Monday, September 28, 2015

Petitions and More, Sept. 28 US-info. Gov. Martinez, NM: Cougars and Bears Deserve Better; please use your authority to ask the Game Commission to reconsider these deplorable decisions! Post or send your message (in Chinese) please, Facebook, or use Twitter Thanking Pres. Obama for working with Pres. Xi Jinping of China to END commercial ivory sales in the United States and China  Santa Cruz, Tlaxcala, find this woman, dragging two dogs rope-tied around their necks, almost dying, throwing them on the side of the road Find these savages who threw the Dog over the fence They clubbed this young donkey to death! Punish these cases of animal abuse in Villa Guemes, Salta Prohibit the ‘feast of the lamb’(slaughter) in Spain!
Needs many more signatures The Guatemalan government must respond quickly to guarantee the security of those defending human rights, land and the environment  Lim Guan Eng Chief Minister of Penang State(Malaysia), please Pity for and Spare 25000 Stray Dogs Life! Gov., Ban the Pilbara Trawl Fishery - at Least 50 Protected Dolphins and Countless Other Creatures Die Each Year Queensland Gov., take urgent action to protect the Great Barrier Reef
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