Thursday, September 10, 2015

Petitions and More, Sept. 10

Argentina, Mayor of Buenos Aires: improve and regulate the situation of urban dogs and cats in the Pasteur Institute at the Ministry of Health! Apply the law US-info. Protect America’s Wolves! Once more. Canada, Please Cut Ties With Cruel U.S. Monkey Dealer  Animal cruelty is NOT entertaining! Brazil, raise the minimal penalties for crimes towards Animals, establish changes in the Criminal Code - Law No. 9,605 / 98 art! Confirm please US-info. Let science, not politics, determine the fate of America's wolves — and oppose these attacks on wildlife! If built, this huge intensive pig farm in Derbyshire would condemn 25,000 pigs at a time to misery! Wildlife officials, Walter Palmer should be tried or extradited for the illegal killing of Cecil the Lion Deadline today! The environment needs advocates to speak up for wildlife and ecosystems that can’t! Russia, Punishment according to the law! We demand an end to these illegal shooting actions of Ivanteevsky Dogs, Moscow region! Laws are brutally violated by the local authorities of the city Ivanteevka Spain, Touro, Coruña, We demand to investigate and  determine responsibility for the brutal killing of Dogs on a private estate in the community! Spain, Apply a harsh law for abandoning and abusing an animal ! Brazil, Create a law that prohibits  "rodeos" in the municipality of Cambuí (MG) Germany, Abolition of the slaughter of pregnant cows, factory farming, animal transports, shredding of 50 million male chicks every year etc
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