Friday, September 18, 2015

Petitions and More, Sept. 18

More sign. needed European Commission and European Parliament, please prohibit Animal testing for household products and their ingredients! First name, –, last name, country, email Scroll down to sign please! Two more will follow:
Please increase slaughter inspections! and Stop Shooting Animals in Cruel Bloodstain-Pattern Experiments!  Save African Animals Social Media Action Close the Santiago Zoo and move the animals to places where they can live in peace, in a suitable environment and appropriate care! Return to other petitions by clicking on  ‘inicio’ Germany, We demand that  Wolves remain under Nature protection and NOT allowed to be hunted. Confirm please
more grassland for animals please at the Tierhof Lucky Farm, Gei├člingen. Confirm UK-info. Support a ban on raised laying units used to confine breeding pheasants and partridges for the shooting industry, by signing Early Day Motion (EDM) 402  Take immediate action to protect COP21 and all future negotiations from the influence of big polluters! No highway in Utah’s Red Cliffs Desert Reserve Argentina, We ask the authorities to comply with the Ordinance 6800/14 URGENT "responsible pet ownership" in the town of Centennial, Province of Neuquen Spain, City of Tordesillas,  Valladolid, Stop the torture and killing of Cats! Spain, TELECINCO  and 2 others, immediate expulsion of Sofia Maite Big Brother 16 by encouraging animal abuse!
NO to the Toro embolao, the setting on fire of a Bull! Spain, Lugo City, declare yourself an anti-Bullfighting municipality More sign. please! End Bull sacrifice in Southern China (bull hacked to death for 50 minutes)! Needs 370 more sign! Stop the Dog culling on Bali! Italy, we have enough of non-public, neglecting Dog pounds, deserted and abused Animals!
            =======   News and more    ======== Killing a wolf in northeast Oregon is illegal in most cases and punishable by up to a year in jail and a $6,200 fine. OSP is asking anyone with information regarding the incident to contact Senior Trooper Kreg Coggins at (541) 426-3049, call the poacher tip hotline at 1-800-452-788 or send an email to


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