Monday, September 14, 2015

Petitions and More, Sept. 14 Florida Bear Hunts, more separate protest mails to send, 3 blocks!
Needs more signatures
More sign. needed End the Transport of Canadian Animal Hunting 'Trophies'  Sign to end the Toro de la Vega! highlighting the plight of captive whales and dolphins Venezuela, No more Bit bull fighting! For other petitions, click on ‘inicio’ and scroll down Help Monkeys destined for labs in Canada, more sign. please Congress: No highway in Utah’s Red Cliffs Desert Reserve Spain, Cats are condemned to die in Pilar de la Horadada! Please cancel the revocation of the permission to feed and care for the cat colonies because the lack of control encourages mass destruction! Russia, Volgograd Region, create a (caring) shelter for stray dogs; start a sterilization program for stray cats Brail, Free castration of Animals on the outskirts of Guarulhos, with mobile base to make this service possible! Russia, Redkino police station  and 5 others, prosecute children and their parents who throw pets onto the streets Russia, the factory of "Mineralnye Vody" produces emissions of waste into the river Kuma. We demand to look into the incident and to stop the damage to the ecology, city, water and environment! Ukraine, Derenkovets, Korsun - Shevchenko district, Cherkasy region, Prosecutor, we demand this family Puzko to be sentenced for animal abuse! Spain, prohibit the torturous event of killing Bulls with spears in Tordesillas! Lebanon, Demand a Stop to the Lebanon bird slaughters, Gov., enforce the current laws against it! 12 year old boy's puppy was brutally stabbed to death ; where, info?
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