Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Petitions and More, Sept. 2

Russia, Prosecutor, Ensure the investigation of all cases of cruelty to animals!  US-info, if not signed yet.  Oppose plans to build a monkey breeding facility in Florida! More sign. please  More attention! Pfizer, mares should not be used as forced breeding machines, exploited for their estrogen rich urine. The foals on these farms should not be treated as industry waste and sent to slaughter! US-info. NAS recommended the humane PZP vaccine as the best birth control option for wild horses, we are against the BLM’s plans to start conducting sterilization experiments US-info. Tell BLM Idaho NO to Sterilizing Saylor Creek Herd Russia, we demand to develop and adopt a law on the activities of Zoos in the Russian Federation. Set standards of keeping animals, criminal liability for non-compliance Russia, Save the drowning Animals in the Zoo in Ussuriysk town! Russia, Take measures to save the animals from this zoo wreck! Russia, Animals of the Zoo Ussuri must live in spacious enclosures and not cramped cages! Russia, Prosecutor of the Irkutsk region punish the cat slayer from Angarsk Chernigov Alexander Alexandrovich, born 1986 according to the article. 245 of the Criminal Code for murdering Cats! Russia, Prosecutor Rostov region, We demand the shelter "Sviatobor Center" to be investigated. Olga Mosiyuk for violation of Article 245 of the Criminal Code for murdering, hanging Dogs in their care! Russia, Prosecutor, we demand a criminal case made against SP Chernevskii because of sadistic murders of animals and rough repeated violations of St. 245 of the Criminal Code, and the immediate cessation of the killing of street Animals! Russia, Supreme Court, Please review the case of Obukhov Dmitry Andreyevich, who was accused by means of  fabricated, false evidence Russia, Vladimir Petrovich, make the exact whereabouts of brown bear Masha public and the new conditions of her detention! Ban Zoos in Russia!
Council European Union, Google Inc., Stop the promotion of Animal abuse as a ‘leisure activity and for fun’ on Google +! Argentina, Mayor of La Rioja, we speak up for the animals again, return the missing animals of the busstop terminal! Ensure mrs. Yang receives all donations given for her and investigate the UK registered charity # 1154524 ‘World protection for Dogs and Cats in the meat trade’ (WPDCMT Urge Police to Conduct a Full Investigation into Frank the Cat being Covered in Cement at a Building Site
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