Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hiring snipers to kill 100 deer for "eating vegetation" this winter in Ann Arbor!


Mayor Christopher Taylor 734-794-6161,
Sabra Briere 734-995-3518,
Sumi Kailasapathy 734-769-5698,
Jane Lumm 734-677-4010,
Kirk Westphal 734-660-9955,
Stephen Kunselman 734-975-4604,
Julie Grand 734-678-7567,
Jack Eaton,
Graydon Krapohl  734-998-1102,
Mike Anglin  734-741-9786,
Chuck Warpehoski 734-972-8304
Dear Mayor, Sir, Madam:
The City of Ann Arbor in Michigan passed a measure to spend $90,000 of tax-payer money hiring snipers to kill 100 deer for "eating vegetation" this winter!
Following a deeply flawed study, two questionable aerial flyovers that counted 168 deer, council members determined that the people want something done now, that there are too many deer, and that non-lethal methods of deer management "aren't worth exploring."
The deer population in the area is 6 deer per square mile; a relatively low number, especially when compared to the "healthy herd" number of 20 deer per square mile, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.
The Global Conservation Group polled over 1,000 random City of Ann Arbor residents.
An astonishing 98 percent of them don't support the city's plans to slaughter 100 deer this winter!
I politely urge you, Mayor and city officials, to implement non-lethal, ethical, civilized, deer management options!
Those may include deterrents, walls, sterilization, vegetation changes, relocation, and prohibiting the feeding of deer within city limits


  1. Letter sent'Thank you for bringing this to my attention Anneke

  2. you're welcome, 1 request: if the message is returned, could you let us know here please?