Monday, September 7, 2015

Petitions and More, Sept. 7 Urge the European Commission to suspend the import of horsemeat from non-EU countries  .....  Minister of Defence, end the use of animals in ALL experiments Once more, Faroe massacre. To file a complaint with the international court in the Hague, against the Kingdom of Denmark for violation of the laws of the European Community Deputy reg. South-Coatzacoalcos area: jail for the mutilator of this Dog who did not survive this torture! More to sign! After signing, go back via ‘Inicio’ ZIP=5 digits. Needs more attention. Oppose riders in the Interior Appropriations bills that would harm wildlife! Protect rooks/crows against senseless harassment by city and individual citizens, Soest, Germany Russia, Moscow, Stop the lawlessness in the municipal shelter for stray dogs "Shcherbinka"! Colombia, At least jail imprisonment for those who burned, filmed and gagged the kitten in Cartagena!
Heinsberg, we request a shelter for stray Cats  NO to tax payer money being used to sustain the disgraced greyhound racing industry, Australia! Mexico,  Enrique Peña Nieto, change, develop legislation in order to protect Dogs, on the street, and those who have owners
               ========   News and more   =======  Should Driven Hunting be outlawed, please vote YES! Now 96%!


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