Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Petitions and More, Sept. 30  Let the EU know that the illegal trade in Berber monkeys must stop! Please send a polite e-mail to the Indonesian embassy in your country asking them to take immediate action to end this brutal and dangerous trade and treatment of dogs!  October 2nd, to speak the truth about Farmed Animals. In the historical tradition of Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi, we will join together in a one-day Fast Against Slaughter in solidarity with these innocent victims! Peek & Cloppenburg, Anson, Bogner, Marc Cain, Breuninger, W√∂hrl and all fashion labels, which are still responsible for animals dying for fashion: we want fashion without dogs and rabbits! Confirm please Encourage the World Bank to update its animal welfare policies. Let’s improve the lives of billions of farm animals worldwide Once more, US-info. Gov. Martinez: Cougars And Bears Deserve Better! Protect elephants by calling on the Hong Kong government to ban ivory! Let's protect beaked whales, sperm whales and Mediterranean monk seals in the Aegean: US government, NO to endangering underwater noise! Confirm please ZIP=5 digits. Save Sperm Whales & Sea Turtles from the Secret Massacre off our California Coast US-info. EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy, follow the example of California's bold leadership. It's time to label glyphosate as cancer-causing and begin the process of imposing stronger regulations on the chemical Tell Wayne State University: Stop Experimenting on Dogs! Tell the Department of Defense: Stop Killing Animals! Save Bald Eagles, Protect Fones Cliffs! More sign. please. Wolves Under Attack - Tell Obama To Use His Veto! More attention needed. End Cruel Trapping on Wildlife Refuges! Myanmar: Crack Down on Illegal Electrofishing That's Hurting This Rare Dolphin Urge the Government to Give-Up Trying to Stop Green Groups Using Legal Means to Block Mining Developments Urge the CSIRO Not to Go Into Partnership with Oil and Gas Giants and Help Protect the Great Australian Bight NO fracking wastewater on "Organic" crops!
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