Friday, September 25, 2015

Petitions and More, Sept. 25 Netherlands, Help save Monkeys from injections with gruesome and deadly diseases in Rijswijk! A plan for reduction and elimination of animal testing on Monkeys! First, last name, email US-info. If not taken yet: action to support a Ban on using Animals to test for cosmetic safety, by contacting members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to move this bill forward! Long distance live transport has to stop! First, last name, email USDA, do not permit the use of ventilation -shutdown as a killing method for avian influenza outbreaks, it would result in a cruel death by organ failure from overheating Tell President Obama to urge President Xi to stop the tiger trade! If not signed yet, please do France, Investigate the functioning of the association Cause Animal North, this animal should be returned to its owner with compensation if it is established that the association has overstepped its rights Costa Rica, Playa Ostional is a sanctuary for turtles, implement a law that prohibits the presence of humans during spawning season Uruguay, Reject the transfer of the National Commission for Animal Welfare (CO.NA.HO.BA.) to the Ministry of Livestock (MGAP, as it is opposed to animal protection and animal rights!
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