Monday, September 21, 2015

Petitions and More, Sept. 21

Needs more attention!
As well
Minister of Education of Greece: Add as a subject in primary and nursery schools lessons to be friendly to animals! Mariano Rajoy, Prime Min. of Spain, Pope Francis: Brazil is asking for the end of the Toro de la Vega in Tordesillas, Spain!
France, Seine-Maritime, do NOT shoot the Fox family of Joan of Arc High School, protect them!  Romania, Pres. Iohannis, please stop the killing of Dogs! 44,000 signatures are needed Click on home/inicio afterwards to sign other petitions Argentina, investigate the brutal beating of a Greyhound defender! (disabled?)  Initiative to abolish hunting in Austria, click on  Solidaritätserklärung ausfüllen (declaration of solidarity), only first, last name, email please Take action for Kaavan the Elephant by sending an email! Pass Ivory Ban and Protect African Elephants as Endangered Sign for NO more Fur sold in or imported into the Netherlands! NO to Intermarché's factory farm with 1000 Calves in France! Email, first, last name, ZIP, town. Confirm please (evtl. in the spam-box) Save the Eagles, Save Fones Cliffs, Richmond County If not signed yet. End the Transport of Canadian Animal Hunting 'Trophies' France: NO to animaleries E.LECLERC (Pets selling store) No Animal protection/welfare label (from the German Animal Protection Society) for Tönnies, largest meat company in Germany!  Ask for the broadcasting of the documentary "dog's life" about the situation of Romanian street dogs!
             ========   News and more  ========= Please use Google translate. In Austria and Germany over 3000 Haflinger and Noriker Foals will be auctioned every autumn on horse markets. Brutally torn away from their mothers and after a grueling transport, these foals end up in Italy to be fattened, f.e in Padua, to be later transported to southern Italy, where their short lives end in a slaughterhouse!


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