Friday, December 5, 2014

Petitions and More, Dec. 5 Univ. of Toledo: STOP the cruel and unnecessary training on pigs to teach emergency medicine residents training on animals! You are violating the Animal Welfare Act! Sign EDM 381 calling for an overhaul of breeding legislation and enforcement ; UK Zip and info only, important (again)! Thailand: Stop the Dog meat trade and arrest those people behind it who are well known to the authorities! Goal: 1,500,000 signatures!  Gadhimai, see more, send your letter to the Nepalese authorities at least, please, just copy/paste! Thank you
Still needs more signatures, please s/s!
France, Stop ignoring cruelty, we demand punisment of animal torturers! .. Urgent, again, s/s: Free 34 Baby Elephants Trapped At Gunpoint In Zimbabwe For Export! Say "NO" to Montana's "Slaughter for a Sliver of Habitat" Proposal! Deadline Dec. 11th! US-ZIP Fully Fund ESA & Science to List Wild Bison! US-ZIP/info TransCanada: to temporarily suspend your oil terminal project is NOT enough, you have to leave the St. Lawrence! Allow chickens more space to move around, environmental enrichment, natural light, and slower growth! Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge This Year! Needs more attention, ZIP=5 digits The "O&C Land Grant Act," S. 1784, seeks to increase logging on 2.6 million acres of federal forests in western Oregon, protest! US-ZIP/info Best Buy, Adopt a paper procurement policy that supports healthy forests! Goal 50,000 signatures  Protect Bristol Bay’s Marine Ecosystems from Offshore Drilling France, Floirac, Allow this 80 year old man, mr. Arnaud, to feed the colony, reduced to 6 cats, sterilized and with tattoos! Lift the feeding Ban! Spain, Caprabo, take responsibility for severe animal abuse by your employee, outside your supermarket location Calafell! Brazil, Create a branch of the city Novo Hamburgo Municipal Kennel in an accessible location for the entire population, for castration, vaccination, medication at low costs, or free El Ejido, Spain, assign a location on municipally owned land for a  shelter for abandoned animals, to be put up for adoption, and run by volunteers Jail time for Rodd Lewis, filmed choking & beating puppy!
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