Monday, December 15, 2014

Petitions and More, Dec. 15 We have until Dec. 27 to make our voices heard to protect these wolves! U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, finalize a stronger recovery plan for the Mexican Gray Wolves! Int.  Signing without your address is okay  Scroll down to take action and send your protest message please!  And send your message please! If initially ..404 not found, scroll down for the first link to start Colombia, close the Zoo Yastay of the City of La Rioja,  and subsequent rehabilitation, relocation and release of captive animals found there!Animals died and are dying because of neglect! Spain, Santiago de Compostella, Find the torturers of cat Evan, set on fire, and prosecute them!  Any member of the public helping an injured or orphaned wild animal by rescuing it - even if they promptly bring it to a permitted wildlife rehabilitation facility - is at risk of prosecution! Protest!  Russia, Protect animals from the poachers in the Oka reserve!  Russia, We demand punishment for Shevёva Alexander G. living in the Moscow region Sergiev -Posad district, 55km to the station, for cruelty to animals !!  Russia, To prosecute Generalova AP under Article 245, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code for cruelty to animals, for intentional, sadistic use of live-animals for his python: cats, parrots, pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, (puppies)! Germany, Schwerte, Prevent the expansion of animal factories because of the environment, animal welfare and health!
If not signed/shared yet!
                          ========  News, video, more  =========  Samsung America, donating $5,- for every ‘thank-you’ note; you can choose the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust ! But read the agreement!


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