Thursday, December 4, 2014

Petitions and More, Dec. 4

Still needs more attention
As well The Uncounted Dead: farming’s unofficial victims!  UK-Zip and info
Please list the Lion as being endangered (not only threatened) without delay! Int. Oppose the industry-backed bill to block the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods India, Justice for Naresh Kadian, Gandhian ideologist, philosopher, social reformer, environmentalist, RTI and animal rights activist! Gov. of Tokyo: pledge to bring the culling of dogs and cats down to "zero"! In the metropolitan area of animal welfare center, the killing rate has already decreased to 20%  Fire Nesly Mombrun Oscar, Head of Cultural Promotion of Cultural Institute, Zapopan, Mexico, for animal abuse, leaving his dog in a total state of neglect!  Argentina, We demand the immediate implementation of Law No. 4.351 of 2012 to create Centres of Healthcare for domestic pets and stray animals in all the municipalities of CABA! Spain, Murcia, allow volunteers to take pictures of the animals to find them a home, as do other dog pounds in Spain! Most are killed within 48 to 72 hours without any chance to be adopted! Bogota, Colombia, Removal of the policeman who shot Vaca, a pup, in the head, without reason, and billing the police for the recovery expenses! Argentina, For an effective penal law for those, killing or abusing an animal, for irresponsible ownership, and additions; referring to the Animal Welfare Law passed in Uruguay!
Argentina, Effective enforcement of ordinances 14070 and 14202, to protect animals (horses) against labor slavery, abuse and suffering Argentina, Create a National humane household and private ownership entity, with a municipal, provincial and national budget, protecting the rights of domestic animals and others, against suffering and neglect without punishment! Stop Wildlife Cybercrime on UK Websites
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  1. Going through recent petitions signing and sharing. Thanks Anneke for caring soooo much:)