Monday, December 29, 2014

Petitions and More, Dec. 29 More protests needed, please send as many emails as possible (under : Actions)
Urgently in need of more signatures! Italy Gov. plans: killing, abuse, abandonment, illegal trafficking of animals will remain crimes, but paradoxically who performs them will not be punished; protest! Germany, the chairman of the 3rd Senate, D. Kley, has proven that he is not willing or able to make balanced judgments in Animal Welfare Legislation; confirm signature please, every email is important! Germany, extended appeal : the draft law was approved , but is too weak, caused by the SPD; Animal Welfare Organizations should have the right to argue in court in the interests of the animals! If not signed yet; confirm as well  Action for NYC Animals (Horses); this legislation will provide solid jobs for the current carriage drivers and loving retirement homes for the horses.....? US only ( ) Amazon, take animal products, produced with anguish for Animals, such as fur/fur trim, and foie gras, immediately out of your assortment! Russia, a thorough investigation into the provoked murder of journalists 1st channel Rossiya.V Russian Dog killer began to kill animal advocates against the background of propaganda TV. For English please scroll down! Russia, Kirov, Punish Scholz Sozimsky Elena Kostorskuyu for burning a pup alive! Russia, Moscow, Save the Dog Shelter in Sherbinka! Wildlife should be able to safely traverse pre-established wildlife corridors
                     =========  News, poll, more  ========= Should fox hunting be legalised? Still active poll: Vote NO please  India, rescue, shelters

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