Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Petitions and More, Dec. 3  Free 34 Baby Elephants Trapped At Gunpoint In Zimbabwe For Export!
Demand a new law against the trade in and meat-consumption of dogs and cats in Switzerland! More signatures, every email adds up! Ask PepsiCo to ​​adopt an ethical and sustainable settlement in palm oil!  Petitions for Manatees at your right! No to Center Parcs in the middle of the forest of Chambaran in Isere , a sensitive site because of wetlands, ecological corridors in watershed head, etc.!
Update, and asking to make calls, if possible!  Dominican Republic: Stop the mass poisoning of dogs and cats and instead apply and fulfill Law 248-12: protection against child abuse and responsible ownership of animals! Mayor of Bogota, Colombia: have the citizens decide through a referendum whether or not they want Bullfighting in Bogotá!
Russia, Tver Region: Inspect this case and prosecute the owner of the dog!
Argentina, Rosario, approval of Draft Ordinance exte.Nº 214,475 E.Mu.SA, the Municipal Authority for Animal Health; emergency veterinary care 24 hours, sterilization of pets and prevention of communicable diseases, to regulate the possession, control, registration, protection and staying in places of public use of animal species; prevent, expose and punish abuse and cruelty to animals! Seeking Justice for Angel, fed to 2 pitbulls through a fence by a juvenile psycho! Improve animal welfare! Dogs drowned in chemicals to prevent fleas and ticks in Juarez, Mexico Demand that major supermarkets in the UK do not use unsustainable Palm Oil in their products
                              ==========   News, updates and more   =========== It's reported that the number of animals involved was significantly diminished from at past festivals Animal Rescues and more Good News


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