Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Petitions and More, Dec. 17 Free 34 Baby Elephants Trapped At Gunpoint In Zimbabwe For Export, once more! (Uncheck postal updates)  Queensland Gov. is pushing ahead with plans to dump dredge spoil from Abbot Point on the majestic Caley Valley Wetlands! Once more For a ban on the use of battery cages for breeding pheasants and partridges, UK! Pres. Obama, administration, make sure you do the right thing and protect pollinators from bee-toxic pesticides! Once more. Int. Save Oregon & California Wild Rivers from Strip Mining!  EPA: Finish strong safeguards against toxic coal ash! US info State Department: Big Oil isn't above the law! US info Brasil, Belo Horizonte, Prohibit the removal / killing of wild animals of the Pampulha Lagoon, esp. the Capybaras! False arguments are being used!
                     ======= Articles, a poll, and some good news... ========  Suspended eviction!  Serbia: Sasha Pesic and his 450 dog will not have to leave the asylum at the Nis Fortress on Dec. 19!!


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