Friday, December 19, 2014

Petitions and More, Dec. 19 Urgent! Another case in Serbia! Scroll down to sign please and confirm afterwards at the blue link! Prevent the seizure of the Dogs at private shelter Spaske, Serbia, nursed back to health! Deadline for eviction: Dec. 24 2014 (the public Dog pound has no place to put them, so they will probably be killed!) Sign the Animal Bill of Rights! Zip=5 digits
Needs much more attention! Save Baby Elephants Stolen From Their Families!  Many more signatures needed; if ..404..., scroll down for the first link to sign, then open this one again please Zimbabwe Abducts Baby Elephants , We Can Still Help Them! Allocate Funding to Review the Science of Listing Wild Bison Under the Endangered Species Act! US only  Colombia,Corpoboyacá: protect the water of Pisba! Russia, Duma, Protect animals and punish offenders; support the bill of Sergey Doronin №545353-6, amendment to Article 245 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation!  Now in bitly links, easy to access, below,  if not signed yet  Demand punishment for the sadistic torturer Bordachev Igor! 703 more signatures please! We require the resignation of Evgeny Kolobov, Chairman of the Committee Nijniynovgorod, State veterinary supervision; on his direct order healthy Horses were burnt alive! More attention please! Russia, Stop mass shooting of Dogs in Nizhny Novgorod region! Build a shelter! More signatures! Russia,Gov. of Nizhny Novgorod, Stop sabotaging Legislation on humanely solving the problem of homeless animals; in accordance with the Act of 18 December 2013 № 166-W, the total amount of subsidies to regulate the number of stray animals by neutering  in 2014 was planned to be 22.549 million rubles (not much less..)! More attention needed as well! Russia, Amur region: Termination of municipal contracts for the capture, transport and 'holding' of homeless animals by LLC! Also! Russia, Protect animals from the poachers in the Oka reserve! Just 127 more signatures! Russia, We demand punishment for Shevёva Alexander G. living in the Moscow region Sergiev -Posad district, 55km to the station, for cruelty to animals !! 537 more signatures Russia, To prosecute Generalova AP under Article 245, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code for cruelty to animals, for intentional, sadistic use of live-animals for his python: cats, parrots, pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, (puppies)! Russia: Animal-breeder "Tyumen" killed thousands of chinchillas; planning to expand and to start using and killing foxes and even lynx!
Spain, Ripollés County Council: NO to the "sale" of Refugi d'Animals of Ripollés; ensure the welfare of animals, do NOT pass it into private hands without any experience! Zaragoza, Spain, Stop animal testing, change your protocols; 20 ponies brought from Holland will be sacrificed, look for alternatives! Zagreb, Croatia, Change the law on the protection of animals!  Spain, Metro Bilbao, Dep. of Marketing, Withdraw your Bullfighting advertising posters! You broke your promiss! Save our strays from road accidents and conflicts, urge the Indian goverment to sterilize stray dogs
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