Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Petitions and More, Dec. 10 The sponsors of the Wolf-killing derby are still determined to move forward – so they’re planning to hold it on national forest and private lands! US-ZIP Urge the Forest Service to listen to the public and follow BLM's lead by bringing a stop to this blatant misuse of our public lands! Int. Again please NZ: Cruel farming should be stopped, and the Government should not be allowed to exempt farms from animal welfare rules!  Urgent: Reform saleyard cruelty standards!
Needs more signatures: Belgium, Wallonia, we request sedation/stunning for all Animals before Slaughter! To call, US; we need greater protection for our public lands -- the cost of this rider will be far too high! Ask Nat. Geographic to cover the story on Animal Sacrifices in Nepal to expose their cruelty! Email: , Ms. Susan Goldberg, chief editor  Save our Marine Life! (copy/paste/send) Norway, Prime Min. Erna Solberg and Parliament: Vote for a Ban on Fur Farms! Argentina, urgent, evicted! Please respect the refuge Damela Patita for animals and give Ms. Carmen and her animals a viable place to live! St. Petersburg, Russia, Stop walling-up cats in basements, legitimize open basement air holes for cats! Help Stop a Killing Contest on National Forest Lands!
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  1. All signed. I love animals, more than anything. Thank you my precious friend Anneke.