Saturday, December 27, 2014

Petitions and More, Dec. 27 France, Stop hunting, killing cats, confirm afterwards!
Brasil, Prohibit the use of Animals for Scientific Research in Brasil; needs more attention  Needs a 100.000 signatures. UK: make CCTV mandatory for all slaughterhouses! British Citizen: yes, other country, other email Scroll down to sign, more attention please.  Harvey Nichols: stop selling fur! If ..404..not found, scroll down and open the 3rd petition in the ‘box’ first, please Russia, Moscow, Provide respite of 2 months in the demolition of illegal structures in the form of a private shelter Dogport to complete the relocation of all the animals Russia, Krasnodar, please Stop this ‘family’, notorious tormentors of homeless pets! Russia,  Severodvinsk, Acc. to Art. 1, Law 17.01.1992, item2, № 1992 № 2202-1, please give a legal assessment of the actions of police officers, deciding to refuse to initiate criminal proceedings under Art. 245 of the Criminal Code in the case of this person scalding a dog belonging to a neighbor, with boiling water, inflicting horrific pain and causing the animal's death! Germany,  the animal shelter in Bitterfeld must be preserved! More funding is needed because of the raise in minimum wages
                            ==========  News and more   ==========  Trailer, the Fur trade, the Cry of the Innocent Comment: do NOT allow animals to be sold on there, especially the free to good homes or at a very cheap price


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