Saturday, December 13, 2014

Petitions and More, Dec. 13 End the Use of Live Animals in UTCOMC's Surgery Clerkship! Int. ZIP=5 digits Stop the capture and export of wild baby elephants from Zimbabwe! Cages, Proven to be cruel and clearly illegal – yet the European Commission continues to take NO action! Sally Light, Chief Executive of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, stop supporting experiments on animals!  Protest messages for the Badgers, UK!  Intermarket Group Intermarch√© Les Mousquetaires/’The Musketeers’: Abandon the contract with SAS Alliance Millevaches and require the stunning of all animals you sell for meat!!
Italy, LAV, Lega Anti Vivisezione, non-profit, tax-subsidized by the state, contribute your revenues to the research and development of alternative tests!
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