Monday, December 1, 2014

Petitions and More, Dec. 1

Stop the Gadhimai slaughter!
Stop killing Dogs and Cats, start free sterilisation programs! Needs more signatures (another email)
As well
Also, urgent!
Urgent as well!
Netherlands, Parliament: Change the Law, an Animal is not a thing, it deserves respect and protection! Needs 40000 signatures! Pledge; 2 more petitions to follow, if not signed yet  Your voice for Romanian abandoned Dogs  Stop the Yulin/China Dog-massacre! To sign twice, Danish petition; unclick newsletter SPA Strasbourg, France: immediately stop the unjustified euthanasia of cats and dogs!  Revenues should be used in a transparent way, only for the welfare of animals! Spain, Loquillo, artist: do not participate in the Motauros 2015 Tordesillas event, we boycott this because of the very cruel Vega Bull torture! France,  Arfeuilles, ban the "tradition" of neck-slashing (dead) geese! France, Leboncoin website: review your conditions for non-profit (Animal Protection) associations in making them pay as if they are businesses!  The Netherlands, we demand: Cruelty to Animals back under the Penal Code!
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