Monday, November 6, 2017

Petitions and More, November 6 US-info. It's Time to End Horse Slaughter, For Good! US-info. Once more. Stop the Execution Order for Wild Horses and Burros! Retweets.  Message to US Republican Reps. H.Res 401! Plse Help Retweet to US Republicans: “Their eyes plea for your mercy. Free them from suffering, end dog cat meat trade, send #HRes401 cosponsor to @RepHastingsFL”! Let’s get more sign. ! End the Dog Meat Trade in Indonesia! Ensure that care for animal welfare will be a duty under the Constitution in Belgium Against deadly torture in slaughterhouses! To confirm. Needs 110,000 sign. Needs 50,000 sign. It’s time for tougher penalties for the illegal puppy trade! PM Jacinda Ardern: do not approve planned seismic blasting for oil in the newly discovered blue whale habitat off Taranaki! An 'Art' Exhibit of Terrified Mice?! Romania. And help us close down the horrible public shelter that has been torturing, starving, and killing dogs in our hometown in Satu Mare, Romania, for the past twenty years! Turkey. Mayor of EyĆ¼p, Remzi Aydin, city council: where are all the caught dogs! The shelters are empty! Stop this massacre!  France. Justice for Larko, burned to death by his owner in Lehaucourt near Saint-Quentin in the 02! And seize all his animals! France. Justice for this kitten of 4 months, tortured by it's owner on webcam! Russia. Make sure that Yurkov VS, the brutal murderer of a 70 year old animal protector in Perm who helped homeless dogs and built housing for animals far from residential buildings, stays in jail for a long time! Spain. The forgotten ones. Gov., politicians: start free sterilization, neutering campaigns for dogs and cats! Spain. Helpless kittens, cat colonies Spain. Tenerife. Night surveillance at Tierra Blanca Animal Protection Center needed urgently! Colombia. NoSonMercancia: stop pet abuse in pet stores now! Regulate and enforce the Animal Protection Law and finally stop the cruelty of breeders, pet traders and pet stores inflicted on defenseless animals, stop impunity! Spain. Create laws on sale and treatment of animals, encourage the option to adopt (from a shelter) Netherlands. We object to the sale of live lobsters in Jumbo Food Markets Russia. Remove horrible advertising from the screens of Miratorg network stores France. Hunters are polluters, take this into account with all the consequences! Munition left behind contains heavy metals: lead, mercury, uranium, arsenic etc. These toxic substances cause serious environmental damage and increased mortality in wildlife! Germany. Save the last forest area in the Waldgemeinde Wilhelmshorst
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