Thursday, November 23, 2017

Petitions and More, November 23  German Government, take immediate action to end the cruel live export of animals to Egypt and the Middle East, where investigations have revealed appalling cruelty and slaughter methods - including blinding and butchering alive! Call for independently monitored CCTV in all slaughterhouses in Australia!  Needs more attention. Systemic disregard for pig welfare laws  Pls Help Retweet Message, #HR1406 Target 7 Key Reps & HSLF Republicans, List #159 - #168 "The time is now to STOP the global dog cat meat atrocity. USA must take a strong stand against torture & cruelty! Dogs R Veterans of War fighting alongside our soldiers! Send HR1406 Cosponsor to @RepHastingsFL cc: @GOPLeader @SpeakerRyan @HouseAgNews" It is Time 2 Be Grateful 4 all the Good Dogs and Cats Do 4 US By Asking Congress 2 Cosponsor HR1406, please retweet ! Urgent! Take action against the proposed International Wildlife Conservation Council! Email  today, use sample comments or your own, tweet, post, sign petitions! US-info. Tell Congress: No animal should be hunted to extinction so that someone can have a trophy on their wall! Both the House and Senate are poised to strip Endangered Species Act protections from Gray Wolves around the Great Lakes, this would be devastating! Breuninger must be fur-free! Tell Breuninger your opinion about real fur! To confirm (maybe in the junk mail box) We need 20,000 signatures. Support a fur-free future! Donkeys' Heads Bashed in With Sledgehammers for Chinese Ejiao Industry! Urge Online Outdoor Retailer to End Fur and Angora Wool Sales ! Urge the Texas Renaissance Festival to Drop Cruel Elephant Rides Sonic, Please Add a Vegan Burger and Vegan Ice Cream
If not signed yet Update. What You're Doing Is Morally Reprehensible: Foxhunters Confronted, email! Turkey. Do not be indifferent to these atrocities in Sile, find those who are responsible! India needs an affordable vaccination and spaying programme for its strays! Germany. Stop the horror of exporting live animals for slaughter! Germany. Protest against the destruction of the Elbe floodplains due to gravel mining
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