Saturday, November 18, 2017

Petitions and More, November 18 US-info. Once more. Support H.R. 1406, the Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act (in the US)! If not retweeted yet, please do. #HR1406 Target AG Chairman + MarcChing/McCarthy Key Reps + High Score HSLF Republicans: outlaw dog and cat meat in the USA! (And/or post a message on Fb) Retweets (2 sheets) needed, give HR 1406 a chance, outlaw dog and cat meat in all US states! Ask the UN to include animal rights in the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights at the upcoming Universal Periodic Review!  1) Punish Cruel Dog Fighters Caught Red-Handed! 2) Stop US Government Trophy Hunting Madness! Secr. Zinke: Do not allow trophy hunters to kill Zimbabwe's elephants! Public comments due 11/24: Oppose Council to Promote International Trophy Hunting for US Citizens! Speak Out For African Elephants! Sample letter, send a message to  And/or tweet Harvey Nichols' CEO, reinstate the company's fur-free policy immediately! No animal should die for fashion! For a ban on Real Fur in Germany! If not signed yet. Anti-fur promiss US-info. We can't let our old, fire-resilient forests be logged into stump fields and converted to tree plantations. It only increases fire danger. Streamside logging will pollute our rivers. Salmon and wildlife will be forever harmed! US. Write letters for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge To take action, scroll down please and click on read more Needs more signatures. "Amazon of Europe" in acute danger: Stop the power plant madness on the Mur!  ZIP=5 digits. No Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge! US-info. Stop The Latest Threat To Florida's Coast: No On HR 4239 Russia. Protest! By order of local authorities in the Crimean city of Shchelkino, the cellar vaults of residential buildings are filled and clogged, where hundreds of homeless cats have found shelter. They cannot leave nor enter! Let's save the Azov cats! Brazil. Cerro Largo. Create a CCZ, an animal refuge for safe de-sexing to prevent disease, abandonment and death, often through poisoning Italy. Relocate the disabled dog Miry back to Casa Bau Open letter to Zinke: Take a stand against policy reversal, Elephants and Lions are worth more alive than as dead trophies mounted and hung on a wall! Congress, support Puerto Rico with sustainable solutions! Stop Bayou Bridge – Protect the Atchafalaya Basin from massive oil spills
              ========   News and more    ======== Nov. 28. Visit D.C. Offices to Lobby House Reps for DCMT, HR 1406, against dog and cat meat in US states


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