Friday, November 3, 2017

Petitions and More, November 3 Scroll down to the 19th Oct., to send an email (again) to the members of the Asia and Pacific subcommittee (of the Foreign Affairs Committee), where H.Res. 401 is sitting right now 1) Ensure Killer of Beloved Community Cat Faces Felony Charge! 2) Stop the Execution Order for Wild Horses and Burros! US-info. Protect marine mammals by opposing HR 3133! US-info. Protect the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument and Public Lands from Lawless Logging! Needs more attention. A refuge for them in Guayaquil – Ecuador, with food, care, castrations, vaccinations Actions to take, US-info US-info. Tell Congress to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge US-info. The Department of Commerce issued an illegal and short-sighted decision to let private recreational fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico overfish red snapper. Speak up for healthy fisheries Safeguard Belize’s marine assets from offshore oil activity Russia. Gov. of Karelia. Immediately intervene, stop sadism towards animals in the Pryazh! Russia. Legislatively prohibit mass baiting and killing of stray animals in Russia! Roskomnadzor in the Volgograd region urgently issued a document and began killing stray dogs and cats in connection with the FIFA World Cup 2018! Spain. No more poisoned dogs! We demand the City Council of #Marbella to take forceful measures! France. Justice for the 36 dead rabbits at this breeder, victims of maltreatment, and for the other animals. Save them from this 'person'! Argentina.  We demand that you enforce the ordinances of animal welfare for horses! France. Slashing, 84, near Cavaillon, Avignon. Justice for these 2 cats, killed by the neighbor Argentina.  Create in the Chamber of Deputies a Special Commission dedicated to the treatment of all initiatives related to the defense and protection of animals Spain.  Defend the Natural Parc of l'Alt Pirineu. No to the construction of hotels in Bonabé! Indonesia. ​​Stop the developments on Mount Ijen, a natural park adjacent to the Nature Reserve Argentina. Stop aerial fumigations with insecticides in Mendoza 150 innocent dogs held hostage by Mayor of Fasano, Italy! More sign. please! Stop the Roundups and Slaughter of Wild Horses and Burros Make Britain fur free! #FurFreeBritain! Urge Arby’s to Stop Selling Farmed Deer and Elk Meat Don't let Greater Gliders disappear from the Central Highlands Save the world's tallest flowering trees. Create the Great Forest National Park!
                 ===========   News and more   =========== China. Comments on video, puppy roasted!  Use (Google) translate to read the comments Court Upholds 'Critical Habitat' for New Mexico Jaguars California Wildlife Win Protections From Federal Trapping, Gunning

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