Monday, November 20, 2017

Petitions and More, November 20 Help retweet messages to the AG Committee - Republicans: Pls Review & Markup HR1406!
make HR1406 a Law In the USA to Ban Dog and Cat Meat Consumption in 44 States! 7 Key Rep (all 7 are Non Cosponsors of HR1406) - Calls, FB, and Emails, See in Comments for the Emails  No to killing Wolves in Germany! To confirm Support the Ban on Elephant Hunting Trophies!  Denounce the Trump administration for reversing ban on importing elephant trophies! Tweet, post, or email to keep the ban on importing elephant trophies in place Needs more attention. Many incidents in which animals have been left to suffer because LAAS couldn't be reached or didn't respond in a timely manner! If not signed yet. Domestic cats who can go outside should be de-sexed by a veterinarian Sanctions for those responsible for the death of 40 cats burned alive in Ate, Peru! Argentina. Prov. of Santa Cruz. Stop this monster, Horacio Barrera, proposing dog meat, and using refrigerators for the trade in dog meat and fur/leather! Argentina. Protest!  Horacio Barrera, proposing the dog meat trade for China!  Government of Spain, we ask that the EU treaties for the Protection of Animals be enforced and that harsh sanctions for acts of animal abuse are upheld!  Turkey. Municipality of Istanbul: Stop dumping cats (and hungry) dogs in another location in the woods, at least 20 cats were massacred!  Argentina. Buenos Aires. Dep. of Caba, continue the free anti-rabies vaccination program in 2017 as well!  Italy. Poisoned bait: how many other animals have to die? We need a specific law to prevent this! Germany. Show true Animal suffering by using photo imprints on meat wrappers! Turkey. Justice for this dog, ears were cut, as shown on the instagram account of Hasan Yilmaz ; arrest the perpetrator! Mexico. Invest in the temporary pet shelters created in the aftermath of the earthquake, in addition to the permanent shelters that, due to the contingency, have limited opportunities to ensure enough supplies and basic services Spain. We request a 24-hour animal collection service and adequate facilities in the municipality of Canovella for abandoned, lost, sick, injured cats and puppies Mexico. Stop the animal abuse/neglect at the dogpound of the state of Zacatecas, CACF, and dismiss the responsible ones Russia. Protect the Prioksko-Terrasnoy Reserve buffer against greed and corruption
                  ==========   News and more   ======== Ontario needs to protect threatened Algonquin wolves from hunting and trapping


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