Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Petitions and More, November 15 US-info. Tell Congress to oppose budget proposals that threaten wild horses!  US-info. Urge the state of New Mexico to take action to implement new statewide spay-neuter funding mechanisms in order to decrease companion animal overpopulation!  US-info. Say “NO” to Horse Slaughter—in New Mexico and Everywhere! US-info. Restrict Traps and Poisons on Public Lands! US-info. Stop Cruel and Senseless Wildlife Killing Contests! Please help retweet messages to Republican Foreign Affairs Committee Members to support #HRes401 against the dog and cat meat horror and help push to the House Floor for a vote tomorrow! Foreign Affairs Full Committee: (See in comments for Republicans Only): Please ask them to support the resolution, H. Res 401, and mark it up, to move it to the House floor for a Vote!
( H. Res. 401, the resolution condemning the dog meat trade in Asia, is scheduled on the House Foreign Affairs Committee calendar for review and markup on Nov. 15, today!);jsessionid=00000000.app223a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=3265 US-info. Oppose the SECURE Act H.R. 4239, a brazen attack on America’s public lands, coastal waters, and the wildlife and human communities that depend on them! US. Please call Governor Brown at 503-378-4582 and ask her to ensure a better Wolf Plan for Oregon US-info. Congress: Don't let Big Ag poison our drinking water!  EU-info. Support an EU wide ban on the routine preventative use of antitbiotics in farming, instead, improve the conditions! US-info. Hydropower shouldn't be exempted from clean water safeguards Spain. Junta de Andalucía. Without roofs. Create shelters for pets and humans Spain. Mayor of Vélez-Málaga. Asking for an area to create a refuge for abandoned animals France. Prevent the killing of the semi-domesticated deer, now friends with 2 ponies in Lourdoueix-St-Michel belonging to Sylvie Argentina. Requesting free and mass sterilation campaigns in AG Chaves Save America's Horses from Slaughter! Don't pass a budget that includes drilling in the Arctic Refuge! Pledge to only eat sustainably-sourced seafood and help protect our ocean! Don't let Missy the drowned dog die in vain! Overturn the ruling allowing AES Multinational Corporation to dump toxic waste in public landfills is Puerto Rico
                  ========   News and more    ========   Norwegian government authorities have allowed that 90 percent of the Norwegian critically endangered Wolves can be hunted and killed this coming winter! Our one remaining option is to take the Norwegian government to court! In Defense of Animals has joined with the National Academy of Sciences and 40 other national organizations to propose humane, sustainable solutions for managing wild horses and burros on public lands. Wild horses and burros have been made into scapegoats by the extractive and cattle industries which the BLM allows to exploit the very lands that were legally mandated to nurture our nation's mustangs over 45 years ago - and all at taxpayer expense!  Vote. Europäischen Tier- und Naturschutz e.V., ETN:  Animal Protection Award 2017. Use (Google) translate please


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