Friday, November 17, 2017

Petitions and More, November 17 You can leave a message at the bottom of the article, please tell them about the horrendous torture of dogs and cats! Australia. Call. Demand action to stop excessive tree-clearing and save Koalas Needs more attention. End Bison Hunt and Harassment West of Yellowstone!  Immediate Action Needed!  Please help leave a comment in the AG Committee’s Facebook top Post, to Review & Markup HR1406 to prohibit the dog and cat meat trade in the US US-info. Stop this blatant attempt to hand over America’s natural wonders to fossil fuel developers! Please oppose the SECURE Act!  Add Your Name to the Sea of Support for a Trash-Free Ocean! US-info.  Protect Our Oceans, Not Oil Profits: Vote NO on the SECURE Act!  Stop land grabbing and destruction of the tropical rainforest for the construction of palm oil plantations! Gov. of Spain, do Not bring an appeal of unconstitutionality against Law 9/2017 of the Balearic Islands in its articles on Bullfighting, this law is within the legality of the autonomous powers of the Balearic Islands because it does not prohibit Bullfighting shows, but animal abuse, torture and bloodshed! Russia. Declaration on the Protection of Animals, this declaration can form the basis for the law on the Protection of Animals Italy. Municipality of Bondeno. No to the new factory farm with 50,000 pigs of Biopig of Cascone Luigi!  Argentina. Demanding the creation of the promised Office of Animal Protection in Bragado, in charge of people who respect the rights of animals! Argentina. Government, and employees of Chinese companies: No to dog and cat meat eating ‘habits’! Spain. Make torturing a Wild Animal a crime as well! (In the Criminal Code, article 337 section 1.D) provides that wild animals are excluded from the crime of animal abuse) Spain. Selwo Marina. Leave this managed and controlled cat colony in peace in this park that is supposed to defend and protect animal life; these cats keep it clean of rats! Spain. The Colonia Nueva Estación Association demands support and a solution from the company Administrator of Railway Infrastructures -ADIF-, owner of the land where the cats live, to give us an area to relocate the managed cat colony threatened by the construction of the new RENFE station! Russia. Yaroslavl. Give the hungry bears that are held captive in this road cage (cafe) dignified surroundings!  Spain. Investigate these criminals and charge them with animal abuse for throwing a wild boar downhill in the Ruta del Cares (Asturias) Turkey. Kepez Municipality, Antalya. Support needed to get the abandoned dogs through the winter Italy. Protest. During the inauguration of S. Uberto protector of the hunters at Tarvisio, an altar which reminds of ancient sacrificial rites, where a killed deer was exposed, was set up inside the Church. This is a blasphemous and disheveling gesture
wild animals exhibited in a glass prison in Ankara, Nata Vega shopping mall! Don't Let the Department of the Interior Lift The Ban On Trophy Hunting! Save Elephants and Lions - Stop Trump’s Trophy Hunting Plan! Investigate Burnham Dairy Farms for Neglect and Animal Cruelty! Faux Fur Looks Just as Good Without the Cruelty Ban Gun Ownership for Animal Abusers Mandate Hunters in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Carry Bear Pepper Spray and Practice Bear Safety Measures
              ========   News and more   ========== The white moose in Värmland, Sweden, is allowed to live, the police have decided! The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has strongly expressed its opposition to the dog and cat meat trade in a new position statement


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