Monday, November 13, 2017

Petitions and More, November 13 Graphic. China. Yanbian Road, West Tower, Shenyang Liaoning province. See more. Please support the locals by sending an email, copy/paste/send, image as well If not signed yet. Federal Council and Parliament, introduce a castration/sterilization obligation for free-range cats in order to curb the excessive propagation of cats and thus to reduce cat suffering in Switzerland! Russia. No to the poisoning, killing of 6880 dogs (and 50 cats) to be trapped in Samara for the 2018 World Cup! The city budget is ready to spend 8.9 million rubles on their destruction, tax payers money, we demand to use the funds for sterilizations, the construction of shelters, and the humane killing of only hopelessly ill animals under the supervision of animal protectionists and veterinarians, in accordance with the 2006 Law of the Russian Federation "On the Protection of Animals from Cruel Treatment"! Russia. Tula region. Prohibit the killing of abandoned animals at the expense of taxpayers; this is
bloody money laundering! Cancel the amendments and apply the Catch and Sterilization program, returning the animals to the original habitat! Russia. Mayor of Krasnodar. Please help save the only shelter for abandoned animals in Krasnodar, Krasnodog; with the next increase in prices from food suppliers, the shelter will cease to exist or the number of animals that we can help will be much less! Argentina. Protest! Mr. Horacio Barrer proposed to solve the overpopulation of dogs by starting to market dog meat and skin..... Spain. Cadiz. True justice for the German Shepherd puppy dragged to it's death behing this SUV 'as a joke!!!' , reopen the case! Turkey. Büyükçekmece Municipalit, Istanbul. Mayor Dr. Hasan Akgün, bring back humane veterinarian Jale Bektaş to take care of the dogpound animals! Brazil. Campinas. Request for shelters, and de-sexing programs for street animals! Spain. Demanding the funds promissed for the catch, neuter, return program for cats in Gijón! Turkey. The Animal Rights Law has to be amended, more severe penalties are needed! Colombia. Create an Integral Protection and Welfare Plan for the Animals of Santa Marta! Ukraine. Ban this ‘zoo’ at Kherson and relocate the animals to a sanctuary! Turkey. Protest. Tekirdag, Ergene - Marmara Glass Ind., the factory manager Karakoçan, is killing cats, pigeons and even owls! Object to the 700 to 1000 Bulls fattening factory in Coffrane on an old dump in the canton of Neuchâtel (Switzerland)! Russia. Stop the degradation of Moscow's protected areas
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