Monday, November 27, 2017

Petitions and More, November 27 Members of the Animal Protection Caucus Republicans Retweets for HR1406  The Insanity Has To End! Twitter targets: 7 Key Reps & HSLF Republicans, List #1 - #22 Dog and Cat meat health risks Target: 7 key Reps, Calls & FB Pages to leave Comment, all 7 are non-cosponsors of HR1406, so keep the pressure on! UK-info. Template letter to use. Protect animal welfare laws, enshrine animal sentience in UK law: email your MP!  Against the killing of stray dogs in Europe Ban animal transport for slaughter to non-EU countries! To confirm Some senators want FWS to declare the red wolf extinct? U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Must Recommit to Red Wolf Recovery in the Wild! Urgent. France. Demanding to investigate the problems caused by new neighbors of the refuge, founded in 1982, Sorgue Vaucluse, SPA, to dismiss all requests and let them reimburse all costs incurred by the SPA shelter so that this officially recognized refuge of public utility can exist!  To confirm France. Stop the massacre that takes place in Lorraine for the sole purpose of exterminating Foxes, to please hunters!  Save these Dolphins! Governments of Indonesia and Vietnam, where these dolphins are from, create net-free zones in the areas where Irrawaddy dolphins live! Once more. Bed Bath and Beyond: Stop Selling Down! Germany. Stop the senseless killing of the Saxon wolves! To confirm  Mr. Gabriel, to present this petition to the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi : stop the horrific Yulin Dog meat 'Festival' ! Netherlands. Keep the Animal Police Dep.! To confirm  Get an immediate ban on this new insecticide, sulfoxaflor! To confirm  For legal protection of the local bees and the conservatories which ensure its preservation in Europe Tell Wells Fargo: Cut off the money for Keystone XL! Members of the Antarctic Ocean Commission, secure the largest protected area on Earth: an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary! Russia. Stop the mass extermination of (stray) dogs and cats in the dogpound of Rostov-on-Don, the facts are monstrous and deserve close attention at the federal level, because each of us understands that such a mass extermination of animals and non-targeted use of budgetary funds can occur in other regions of the Russian Federation! Russia. Legislatively introduce punishment for poisoning dogs with bait! Russia. Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Paradise of murderers and sadists, territory of absolute evil, facts of unprecedented cruel killing and torture of animals Russia. Yakutsk. Justice for the 1 year old sheepdog, showered with water and left to freeze to death outside by it's owners! We demand the adoption of the law on the responsible treatment of animals, which will put an end to the senseless and dangerous cruelty of people towards animals! Belarus. Stop the destruction of dogs, help reduce their numbers without killing! Mexico. Territory of the Miguel Hidalgo Delegation. Fire and charge MVZ Alejandro Vera Ruiz and the MVZ Rocío Pérez Terrazas, for executing the slaughter of the Casa de Moneda cats of the Deportivo Pavón and the French Pantheon and for encouraging cruelty to animals because of the feeding ban. Cats and kittens have been drowned and buried in cement! Peru. Given that our law already contemplated animals as sentient beings, the SOAT should allocate a small percentage of the budget to the medival care of animals injured by vehicles in the country! Spain. Mayor of Fiñana, Nacimiento River District. Approve the animal protection project, for a better world! Fight to preserve the wolves of Scandinavia before it is too late, stop all hunting of wolves in Sweden! Spain. Galicia. Control the sale of poisons, like narcotics, it should have sales records and be sold only in authorized establishments!  Chile. No more captivity and cruelty towards the animals of the Pedro de Valdivia Park France. Protest. A tiger, wild and noble animal, shot in Paris by it's owner, and it's legal? Greece. Please Help the Corfu Strays, Provide Licensed Veterinary premises for sterilisation projects! Belgium. Stop the Mink farming for fur in Flanders!
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