Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Petitions and More, November 22

(For newcomers: after opening a petition link, and signing the petition, you can click-right on the top arrow pointing to the left, and choose ‘Animal Petitions and More’ again.
If you notice that you are automatically logged in on, please log out first, and log in the official way again!)  ZIP=5 digits. The fight isn’t over yet! Wild Horses: Don’t Let Them Become History!  Easiest: copy/paste each tweet (maybe leave out the picture at times) HR 1406, outlaw dog and cat meat in the US! HSLF Republicans # 148 - #157, Calls, FB, and Emails, See Emails in comments! Urge to End Bookings for Exploitative Elephant Camps US-info. Please Vote No on the SECURE Energy Act, H.R. 4239.  This bill unacceptably undermines protections for marine mammals, opens additional areas of sensitive marine mammal habitat to offshore drilling and seismic exploration, and opens loopholes for industrial activities that may harm protected species! Canada-info. Format A1A 1A1 . Protect wildlife, water and non-motorized recreation opportunities by creating a Wildland Provincial Park  US-info. Food and farm Act Italy. The horses of the Giara live in the wild in a restricted area in Sardinia, and the pastures and springs are not enough for their survival! Create a multi-years plan to deal with their well-being! Update, Mute Swans, more signatures please! Italy. Protect burned forest areas, ban hunting and transform them into natural parks Suspend the Fireworks with Noise at the Lollapalooza recital on March 16, 17 and 18, 2018 at the San Isidro Hippodrome (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Demand an end to ACC NY murdering innocent dogs and cats. They aren't an Animal Care Center. They are a slaughter house. Thousands of dogs and cats killed each year, hundreds each week More signatures please! Animal Sentience Left out of Repeal Bill UK - Urgent Action Needed! Don't let the Department of the Interior undo wildlife conservation plans
               ==========   News and more   =========   Help us save the Wolves of Norway! WWF World Wildlife Fund is facing a lawsuit against the Norwegian state and requires new Wolf management!  Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michelle Fiore calls animal welfare activists "criminals" at this weeks council meeting. She then proceeds to kill the ordinance that stopped puppy mill dogs from coming into Las Vegas. We must vote her out!


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