Friday, October 14, 2016

Vikram Chatwal hotels. Burning innocent dogs on the streets of NYC!

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Subject: Vikram Chatwal Hotels

Rob DelliBovi.
VP of Sales, Dream Hotels.


I am outraged and disgusted by the actions of Mr. Vikram Chatwal, the Son of the Owner of Vikram Chatwal hotels.

His stunning display of blatant animal cruelty, BURNING innocent dogs on the streets of NYC, has sent a wave of shock through our community.

Many travel agents or long-time clients are supporters of your hotels.

They face a moral dilemma, they want to stay loyal to you, but cannot bear to give business to a company that would not publicly condemn these actions.

I request swift and public action that will demonstrate that your brand does NOT support or condone these despicable acts in any way.

I feel that a suitable gesture would be to have Vikram Chatwal hotels make a substantial donation to a nonprofit organization or organizations that save, rescue, and support animals.

Many clients and travel agents hope to continue a positive relationship with you and the hotels in your portfolio.

They want to continue to support your business.
However, none of them nor I will support any organization that condones such a heinous act without repercussions or an action to make amends.

I hope that you will do the right thing.


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