Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Petitions and More, October 12 India: Enact Humane Management for Stray Dog Populations! Protect the ban on commercial whaling, and vote for the South Atlantic whale sanctuary at IWC 2016! Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor to Disrupt Wildlife: Help Prevent This Prevent horses from suffering even longer on the streets of Mumbai by urging Maharashtra's government to implement the ban on Victorias and expedite the development of a rehabilitation plan for horses, carriage owners and drivers Urge the Kerala Forests and Wildlife Department to take action against the illegal custody of captive elephants and to confiscate the elephants and retire them to sanctuaries  Prevent the suffering of chickens in the meat industry For a permanent ban on manja in Delhi; please allow only plain cotton threads for flying kites in Delhi A massive liquefied natural gas project could put endangered turtles and whales at risk in Mozambique. Tell the U.S. Export-Import Bank to stop financing this dirty project!  Ingresa, login first. Peticiones. Choose your language/Espagnol. After signing, go back to 'Petitions', scroll down for the other Petitions Prohibit the abuse of calves in Derio Vizcaya during the yearly ‘festivities’ of San Miguel! France. Create a police unit for animals in each department
Les Houches, Chamonix valley, Haute-Savoie. Prosecute Jean Louis Ravanel, who deliberately crushed our dog Bali with his quad in front of our house! Italy. Urgent need for a cattery and shelter in Porto Sant 'Elpidio, FM, to care for and neuter the animals France. Stop allowing the use of fireworks over the landscape around the canal Bois d'Arcy, 78 Stop The Mass Euthanization Of Our Wild Mustangs! Protect Colorado's Mountain Lions and Black Bears From Cruel Predator-Control Studies! Needs more signatures. Tell Texas A&M to Stop Abusing Horses and Selling Them to Slaughter! More signatures please. Tell AirBridgeCargo Airlines to Adopt a Ban on Transporting Monkeys for Experimentation! More signatures are needed. Keep Wolves Protected! Stop the disappearance of vultures by poisoning in Africa
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