Tuesday, October 18, 2016

S. Korea, News of Seoul’s Animal Welfare Department


Subject: S. Korea, News of Seoul’s Animal Welfare Department

President Park Geun-hye,
Ministry of Justice.
Dear President,
Minister of Justice:

News of Seoul’s Animal Welfare Department makes me optimistic for the future of animal protection in South Korea.
But Seoul’s new AWD does little to address a larger animal abuse concern in your country: the dog meat trade.
Not only is the companion animal meat trade a horrendous violation of animal rights, it’s also a major health concern.
The filthy conditions in which the dogs are raised and slaughtered encourage the spread of disease among animals and people.
Dog meat has been linked to the spread of Salmonella, colon bacillus, yellow staphylococcus, trichinellosis, cholera, and rabies.
Also, meat dogs are usually treated with a dangerous amount of antibiotics. In the absence of the health risks introduced during rearing and processing, dog meat is still an unhealthy food.
A recent study has shown that eating dog meat leads to heart issues and fatigue.
The solution to this problem is not just to regulate the industry, but to make it illegal once and for all.
Please do your part to outlaw the dog meat industry and educate the South Korean people that consuming dog meat is a health risk.

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