Monday, October 31, 2016

S. Korea, Dog and Catmeat: write to the IOC, to be a catalyst for lasting change!

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- To the IOC: The S. Korean Govt does nothing to stop the horrific, sadistically cruel and barbaric dog and catmeat trade for consumption! It also allows use of unregulated drugs and food and uncontrolled emissions of polluted waste from dog farms.  You have stated: “Sport presents broad opportunities to promote…far-reaching actions for environmental, social and economic development across society”. We ask: how can these health hazards and eating practices be allowed to continue in S. Korea? Does not a humane, ethical change also for their environment go further then the sporting arena? And, what sort of effect must this display of animal cruelty and horrific slaughtering have on S. Korean children? IOC Members, in the name of compassion, humane behaviour and ethical development of more Korean people, we ask you to look for ways to address these concerns through your ‘partnership between PyeongChang 2018  and the Ministry of Education’ , and through the IOC’s position of “being a catalyst for lasting change”! 

More actions: call, or send a postal letter

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