Monday, October 10, 2016

U.S. House of Representatives, co-sponsor H.Res. 752 to end the dog and cat meat trade! Non-US: use Facebook and Twitter (also)!

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Subject:  Please support House Resolution 752 by condemning the cat and dog meat trade and supporting the movement to end it once and for all!

Dear Member of Congress:

I write to ask for your support of House Resolution 752 by condemning the cat and dog meat trade and supporting the movement to end it once and for all.

There is strong evidence that over 30 million cats and dogs each year are subjected to the most horrific cruelty imaginable prior to being slaughtered. Each one endures horrendous torture simply because of the (unfounded) belief, unquestionably passed from generation to generation, that tortured meat laidened with adrenaline will a) taste better (the meat being more tender); b) assist in making men virile (when in actual fact there have been outbreaks of Human Rabies, as a direct result of food safety issues within the dog meat trade, which ironically can leave men impotent. China has the second highest rate of Human Rabies, with Yulin (host of the yearly controversial dog meat festival) being in the ‘Top 10 Chinese cities’); c) the meat supposedly helps to keep the body cool during the summer months. And to the dog meat supporters, all those beliefs sickeningly ‘justify’ the torture that each animal endures: firstly in order to stop the animal running away their paws are either hacked off or their hocks are hacked into to sever the tendons, then the animal is beaten and either boiled alive, thrown into ‘hair removal machines’ (basically a rotating drum with a grated interior which scrapes the hair and flesh off the animal as it is spun around - most animals are still conscious during this process), hung by the neck and either agonisingly blowtorched to death or ripped apart. Sometimes the animal may endure all of those procedures. And this all takes place in plain sight of the other captive animals. Now, through scientific advancement research proves that animals are sentient beings - they feel a range of emotions and experience pain and fear, as do people. To knowingly allow animals to suffer this level of torturous abuse on a wide scale and on a regular basis is abhorrent. The abuse extends to farm animals in China also. It cannot continue - we cannot allow this to continue. At the very least, this brings shame on China! Worldwide media is beginning to show the reality of the cat and dog meat trade, people are being educated about the reality of it all and there is huge outcry against it - even in China itself. Animal activists from around the World are on the ground, working collaboratively, to rescue as many cats and dogs as possible - many of whom are pets that have been stolen from homes in order to meet the illegal demand for the trade. Volunteers from animal welfare groups are risking their lives to save the animals as they are met with anger and physical confrontation from the traders. It is becoming dangerous for all involved.

It is not only China that focuses on the trade, South Korea holds an equally controversial festival each year, known as ‘Bok Nal’ and is held around mid-July.

The truth of the huge scale of the cat and dog meat trade is now public knowledge - worldwide. It can no longer be hidden and ignored. Welfare laws are urgently needed to protect these sentient beings from enduring such levels of barbarity. 
As one of the most powerful global leaders China needs to update its views towards animals and act responsibly in ensuring welfare laws are put in place.

Please support the House Resolution 752 and begin the end of this evil trade.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,


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