Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Declare Kerala, state of India, as Devil's Own Hell!



Subject: Declare Kerala state of India, as Devil's Own Hell
Annebeth Wijtenburg
Communications Manager,
World Travel & Tourism Council.

Dear Madam,

Kerala state of India kills thousands of stray dogs in a gruesome manner to promote their tourism.


It doesn't stop there, Kerala is also known to have served dog meat to tourists by faking it as mutton, meat of sheep .

Kerala also proposed to export dog-meat to China.


Kerala has been torturing elephants for tourism purposes.

Many tourists have been heart broken after theit visit to Kerala, when they saw the elephants start to run for their lives.
The brutality the elephants have gone through is heart breaking, all in the name of tourism.

It doesn't end here too. There have been many cases of unethical promotion of Kerala tourism like child sex tourism.

Looking at the unethical almost barbaric promotions of Kerala tourism, I have decided to boycott Kerala tourism and highly condemn Kerala's state tourism tag line "God's Own Country".

It is NO more "God's Own country".
Have Kerala state declared to be "Devil's Own Hell" on the are of tourism.

As a regular traveller, I feel ashamed to see that a particular destination can do just about anything they see fit in order to promote tourism (the wrong way)


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