Monday, May 9, 2016

Petitions and More, May 9 Send a message of protest to the Pro-Dog Meat Media! Once more. Speak out against the cruel dog meat trade! We, the undersigned, seek to prohibit the use of poisons and traps on New Mexico's public lands! The New Mexico Game Commission has approved extreme new proposals for mass killing of our state’s cougar population—and other wildlife important to our state’s ecology—without scientific justification! Once more (Sadiq Khan) Please promise to close down Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium! Needs much more attention. Romania. Confirm please Needs more signatures. Avoid cruel events with Bulls to be declared as Cultural Patrimony in the Azores; in Defense of Children, Animal Welfare and the Azores - Bullfighting is NOT our Cultural Heritage! Don't let Fossil Fuel Empires destroy the Rockies;jsessionid=69165B65AE73F0E0D344801CCECFE9AB.app318b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=3310 US-inf. Polluters are attacking the EPA's Clean Power Plan in the media, in Congress, in states, and now in the courts Say 'no' to special courts before which companies may sue states; make sure that such special courts are NOT part of TTIP- and CETA agreements with the US and Canada, or in any other recent trade agreements! Confirm please Termination of unscrupulous and destructive mining projects Pascua Lama, Barrick Gold in Chile! To confirm Germany. Save the Malchower Luch and it’s Wildlife from roadconstructions!   Login to Facebook first  Ingresa, login first. Peticiones. Choose your language. After signing, go back to 'Petitions', scroll down for the other Petitions Mexico. Animal are sentient beings, not things, we demand recognition of their rights! Argentina. Justice for the Jaguar; urgently instruct all attorneys of Argentina to take the crimes committed against the Jaguar species (Panthera onca), critically endangered, serious! Russia. Saint Petersburg. Take precautionary measures against Anatoly Flayer Svobodová for dragging his dog behind his car! Mexico. Animal protection must include all animals whether companion, wild or those who have been bred to satisfy a morbid entertainment such as bulls, roosters and even fighting dogs! Brazil. Ubá / MG. Welcome your abandoned animals in shelters, provide food, castration/sterilization  and care Colombia. Development of a region does not have to destroy protected forested areas; we reject this mega work in its current design, the consortium NEW CAUCA has to reconsider the currently planned route  Demand President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump address and protest the Yulin, China Dog Meat eating Festival  Connecticut Legislature to Ban The Sale of Ivory and Rhino Horns To Protect Endangered Wildlife! Needs 8000 sign. Move Lucy the elephant from cruel Edmonton Valley Zoo, Canada, to a sanctuary in Tennessee or California
             =========   News and more   ======== New Mexicans want safe, trap-free public lands! On Thursday, May 12 the NM Game Commission will hear legal arguments on the cougar trapping rule


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