Sunday, May 22, 2016

China, Guangdong Provincial Food Safety Ordinance

Subject: China, Guangdong Provincial Food Safety Ordinance,

Guangdong Provincial Food Safety Ordinance,
Guangdong Food Safety Regulations
Guangdong People's Congress ,
Guangzhou Zhongshan Road 64, Zip code: 510 080,
fax : 020-37866802.
e-mail: ,
Director of the members of the Conference,
Director:    Stoyanov,
Deputy director: Zhang Zhou Tianhong,
Chen Xiaochuan,
Chen Jixing Yellow industry Bin Liu Yuelun,
Luo Juan,
我在此想诚恳的呼吁广东政府能利用这个机会彻底的执行粤食安办 (2013)57号条款来整顿廣州市及全廣东省的非法猫狗肉产业链。
而血腥的猫狗肉市场、当街宰杀、市场售卖活体动物等不文明现像,也将会给广东一个几亟度负面的国际形像 同时也会给旅游、经商经济发展带来无可估量、无法挽回的损失。
(your name, address)
We thank the people of the importance of you in your province's health care and food security awareness to the global epidemic of Guangdong control. I was concerned about China's foreign friends.
I think this sincere appeal to the Guangdong government can take advantage of this opportunity to complete the implementation of Guangdong Food Safety Office (2013) No. 57 to rectify the terms of illicit cats in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, the dog and the whole industry chain.

In addition to eating cats and dogs in the 21st century is not the bad habits of humanity, even from the point of view of health and food safety, untested cat and dog meat as food, but also no safe.
Many dogs and cats are being poisoned. The inter-provincial transportation of live cats and dogs are more widely spread rabies worries.

And bloody cat dog market, street slaughter, the sale of live animals and other uncivilized market is like, but also will give a few urgent Guangdong degree negative international image but also to the tourism, business economic development has brought immeasurable and can not be irreparable loss.

Thanks for your efforts to beautiful people in Guangdong Province and our health and food safety, foreign tourists made again.

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