Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Petitions and More, May 11   Please send a letter every day, neutral subject! Copy/paste Korean letter under Google translate to get a regular letter Mayor Christine Marick of Brea, on Anseong, Korea, response: these laws are in place in Korea, but not applied! New sample letter to send/to agree with, to;;;;, Once more. Stop the Trade in Seal Products in China! All French foie gras farms are currently empty due to a disease that has been infecting ducks kept for the production of this cruel ‘delicacy’; keep them empty! US-info. Wildlife is not a threat to national security - keep it out of the NDAA! Termination of unscrupulous and destructive mining projects at Pascua Lama, by Barrick Gold in Chile! Confirm please We are outraged by the lack of transparency in both the decision-making within the institutions that guide you, and in the negotiations on TTIP, the planned free trade agreement between the EU and US   Login to Facebook first  Ingresa, login first. Peticiones. Choose your language. After signing, go back to 'Petitions', scroll down for the other Petitions France. Justice for the beloved cat Papy Seb, tortured and hanged in Saint-Pons-la Calm! Brazil. Urgent request for a public veterinary hospital in Santo Antônio de Jesus!
 continue with a license to operate Argentina. Nowadays there are almost no pristine places on Earth and we need your voice to protect Peninsula Mitre! Konni camp, change into a real Sanctuary and to stop training babies, like Krishna towards submission  Demand that UK Government sentence at least 18 months minimum prison sentence for people who abuse animals!
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