Friday, May 6, 2016

Harvey Nichols : become a fur-free retailer!


Subject: Harvey Nichols : become a fur-free retailer!
 The Harvey Nichols Fashion Director, Anita Barr,
The Harvey Nichols Press Manager for Fashion, Holly Whitman,

Dear Madam, dear Sir, 

Harvey Nichols has reneged on its pledge made in 2004 to stop selling real fur items. 
But the up-market department store (with 8 outlets in the UK) began re-selling fur products in 2013 and has continued to do so since.

Harvey Nichols states it is ‘committed to sustainable and responsible practice across all areas of its business, and ethical trading is an important part of this programme. Harvey Nichols requires any brand that uses fur to adhere to the Origin Assured scheme.’

But there is no such thing as ‘humane’ fur – that is why the UK government banned fur farming in 2000 on the grounds of ‘public morality’ following full consideration of all the evidence and debate. 

The ethical case against the selling of fur is clear – it is a cruel and unnecessary product.
The concept that fur can be ethical or humane is simply a marketing ploy, hiding the truth about the life and death of the tens of  millions of animals used in the fur industry and designed to draw people away from thinking about the serious moral implications of wearing fur. 
Fur production is inherently cruel.

As evidence of this a number of undercover investigations have been carried out recently showing the types of conditions found in fur farms in countries with ’welfare regulations or force’.

Poland :
Czech Republic :
Norway :
Finland :
Denmark : 

The fur trade’s Origin Assured scheme is meaningless in terms of animal welfare and its use by Harvey Nichols to defend the sale of fur undermines the credibility of your claim to be ethical.

Please end the sale of real fur and join the many truly ethical companies that have already become members of the Fur Free Retailer scheme.

I will your boycott of the store until you re-adopt your fur-free policy.
I am disgusted at your continuing selling of fur. 



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