Monday, May 30, 2016

Petitions and More, May 30 If not signed yet: 3 alerts, Poland's Bialowieza Forest; Uganda Gorilla Virunga National Park; New York’s Finger Lakes
.....  Malaysian Government, stop the butchering of stray animals Urgently take action against neglect and cruelty to animals in Puerto Rico Ban the legalization of beastiality Turkey. Mayor Mehmet Kocadon: Help Us Stop the Murdering of Street Animals in the Bodrum Peninsula Enact legislation to protect farm animals from abuse Needs more signatures. Ban Bullfigthing at the Balearics. To confirm  Login to Facebook first. Recommending everybody to read the text of the petitions only, next, scroll down fast to sign Visit this page first. Recommending everybody to read the text of the petitions only, next, scroll down fast to sign  Ingresa, login first. Peticiones. Choose your language/Espagnol. After signing, go back to 'Petitions', scroll down for the other Petitions Russia. Stop the illegal killing of domestic and stray animals in Dinskaya, Krasnodar Krai! Ukrain. Scroll down for the English translation. We demand to initiate a criminal investigation into the massacre of (guard) dogs, sterilized dogs, and pups, and convict all members of this criminal group: the owner of the corporation Akhmetov, directors of all objects of "Zaporizhstal" Zaporozhye and Social Initiatives, the head of the Security Council and employees! Putting a stop to horse slaughtering Russia. g.Alekseevka, Belgorod region. Requesting an open shelter for abandoned and lost animals, to sterilize them, and find (new) owners, instead of killing them! Mexico. Stop the online sale of animals, it should only be possible via regulated establishments that have rigorous adoption criteria! Spain. City of Trapagaran, implement the CES method (catch-neuter-release) for managing the colonies of cats in urban areas! Brazil. Londrina Prefecture, help ADA, a non-profit organization, caring for injured and abandoned animals, to care for all their animals! Stop the mass killing of Bali's dogs! Save seals. End Canada's commercial seal hunt California - Ensure Stricter Charges & Penalties for All Intentional Animal Abuse, Neglect and Cruelty  Stop Transporting Primates to Laboratories Provide Support to Sydney Dogs and Cats Home & Save from Closure Amazon. Stop selling Angora Rabbit fur products Demand a koala friendly Ballina highway
          ======    News and more   ======= Homeless Animal Hospital can win the Veterinary Oscar in its home town Craiova, Romania. Family Vet is the clinic that proudly hosts HAH and we need your vote to win; it closes on May 31st! Email, go to question nr 9 and choose Family Vet, scroll down and send! Confirm please! Thank you!


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