Friday, July 3, 2015

Petitions and More, July 3 Boknal, South Korea, send as many protest mails as soon as possible please! US-info, scroll down. Passage of the SAFE Act will not only ensure that predatory horse slaughterers cannot reopen their doors here in the U.S.—it will also stop the trafficking of horses to slaughterhouses over our borders! ZIP=5 digits. Please urge Congress and the Obama Administration to provide shelter for wild horses and burros in government holding corrals NOW! ZIP=5 digits. End Lethal Control of Wolves in Boise National Forest! Tweetstorm for galgos, podencos and racing greyhounds! Colombia, stop animal trafficking, prevent certain species being brought to the brink of extinction! Netherlands, Dijksma, we’re asking for a plan with anti-heat measures for Livestock! Comments needed!  Australia, Victoria, change the requirement that Greyhounds remain muzzled and leashed in public! This causes local residents to be fearful of Greyhounds, which has a chilling effect on adoption! Protect the Humpback whales worldwide!  Leaders of the Pebble Partnership, walk away from Bristol Bay and abandon the disastrous Pebble Mine! Italy, Siena, Abolish the Palio of Siena (Horse run)!
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