Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Petitions and More, July 15 ZIP=5 digits. FWS, don't walk away from Red Wolf recovery! ZIP=5 digits. Once more: Stop Congress from gutting the Endangered Species Act! Urgently needs comments, copy/paste, send to Executive Director Sonke Mastrup, CA Fish and Game Comm., Stop New Mexico's Trapping Proposal, send your protest (copy/paste/alter) to ! Morocco, we ask you to stop the killing of stray animals! Confirm please More signatures! No to the ritual slaughter without stunning on French territory! TF1 regularly presents hunting as a recreational activity, athletic, friendly in connection with nature! We want this to stop! Coca-Cola, Stop Sponsoring Cruel Rodeos
Sign for Zero Deforestation, Brazil; together we can convince Congress to prepare a public Law to end the destruction of forests! Colombia, Save the Desert of Pisba and it's water, flora and fauna from the mining companies US-info. Protect the Kalmiopsis Rivers from industrial nickel strip mining Colombia, Ask the Mayor of Villa de Leyva, to investigate disappearances and poisoning of stray dogs! Stop British Columbian Conservation officers from executing Wildlife! More signatures! Tell CARE Research to Stop Testing on Beagles!
                   ==========   News and more   ========= WA Game Commissioner admits new rules to kill more lions just a "feel good" plan to appease ranchers over ‘wolf problem’! Canned hunting South Africa A chance for 7 dogs to leave the horror that is Bosnia!

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