Thursday, July 16, 2015

Petitions and More, July 16 No to selling Whale meat in Spar stores! New York Blood Center, take care of your abandoned Monkey’s! Ukrain, Immediate withdrawal of brown bears used as live bait for hunting dogs at breeding station in the Bronytsia, Drohobych district of Lviv region! Incl. English text! Mexico, Nuevo Leon, Uphold the existing laws and sanctions of Nuevo Leon on the protection of animals; pursue complaints of animal abuse, and more demands  Ask the state government of Kerala to stop killing of innocent street dogs! Needs more signatures! If not signed yet. Stop Killing Dogs & Cats For Their Meat in the USA Lisa Eldridge, to be removed from director at Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, Calif. Keep Atimonan Clean and Safe from Hazards of a Coal-Fired Power Plant
              =========  News and more  ======== The Monkey lab, Biomedical Primate Research Center (BPRC), the Netherlands, Rijswijk


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