Thursday, July 23, 2015

Petitions and More, July 23 Needs more signatures! Help to end this cruelty, ask the district manager in Anhalt-Bitterfeld to stand up for the closure of this Pig-skyscraper! Confirm please More signatures please! Belgium, against slaughter without stunning! Confirm please Turkey, act upon this kind of Bullfighting in the Mu─čla district, Akkaya! No more hunting of bred animals! US-info. Help Save North Carolina's State Horse, co-sponsor H.R. 152/S. 3448, the Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act! Remove the Toro de Ronda, Bull set on Fire, as an event! Pastriz, Zaragoza, celebrates its patron saint with one of its most cruel traditions, Ronda Bull, also known as Toro Embolado, Bull on Fire! Argentina, Tres de Febrero,  improve conditions at the Dog pound, no more animal abuse! Save the Arctic from Shell's Oil Drilling Assault
                  =======  News and More   ======== The agency's progress toward humane and sustainable on-the-range management continues to be slow Saving Animals, video



  1. I can't open the Saving Animals video... is the link ok?

  2. no, you're right, I can't even find it back at this moment, sorry...