Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Petitions and More, July 22 Let’s get 110,000 signatures, Arrowhead Research, Stop Experimenting on Chimpanzees! US-info. Prevent animal abusers from adopting again! Once more: No to B&K Breeding Farm (refresh verification code) Pope Francis, the burdens of human population size and growth Urge SPAR International to Ban the Sale of ALL Whale Products in Norway! More signatures. Spain, make it legal to break a car- window to save pets from heat;jsessionid=ACB66512BCFD0365FD176976D8AAC100.app326a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1791 Protest needed, Rite Aid is buying huge amounts of paper from the Boreal Forest to make disposable flyers! Spain, Madrid, ethical management of feline colonies, TNR, and sustained care! Uruguay, expressly legislate a Ban on Greyhound racing in the department of Rio Black! Turkey, İlgez, Flat / İlkadım Site, stop animal torture, create a safe area for stray animals Tell Obama: Reject Wolf-killing Legislation! Tell the Feds: Close Deadly Loophole to Save Elephants! CITES stop: NO permits for more exports of ZIMBABWE elephants to China! Honolulu, stop the cruel trapping and gassing of all wild chickens
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