Monday, July 13, 2015

Petitions and More, July 13 Tweet Storm To End The Grind, Faroe! NM-info please. Oppose any form of trapping of New Mexico’s cougars; oppose
increased bag limits and methods of killing in cougar & bear hunting! If not signed yet. Government of Vietnam issue regulations on animal welfare! Prevent the theft of dogs, cruel treatment and savage slaughter! Tweetstorm anti-Fur/Karl Lagerfeld! An End to ‘correbous’, where Bulls/Heifers are abused to such an extent that they prefer to jump into the sea where they drown! Punishment for putting this Dog in a well (for being in heat)!;jsessionid=A9382124373A05D05A7D5479851C883F.app260a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=277 Mining? The "Ring of Fire" is located in the heart of Ontario's intact boreal ecosystem Urge the Government of Indonesia to Ensure Prison Time Served for Animal Cruelty Matches Sentencing!  Urge Investigation Regarding Animal Welfare Laws Regarding Emaciated Horses! Justice for Echo, a Probably Bait Dog in Alleged Dog Fighting Ring!  Possible Charges For Man Who Shot Dog Twice & Slit its Throat!  Investigate & Charge Person(s) Responsible for Dog Poisoning in Minnesota!  Urge Tanzania not to Allow a Giant Palm Oil Plantation which will Threaten Animals and Forests!
                 ==========  News and more  ======= Scroll down and vote for: We need a new shelter! Amicii Dog Rescue Romania!


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