Saturday, July 25, 2015

Petitions and More, July 25 Stop the bloody Whale Slaughter at the Faroe Islands! Victoria’s dirty secret! After years of not testing on animals, the company has confirmed that it will begin selling in China—meaning it will pay for cruel tests on animals! UK-info. Ask your MP to sign EDM 153, Mandatory Installation of CCTV in Slaughterhouses!  Urge them Not to put factory farming forward as the solution to feeding the world! To start, scroll down for the first link Russia, Putin and others, introduce the competent law on animal rights in Russia; the only article 245 of the Criminal Code providing for liability for animal abuse, has no real effect! There is no draft legislation regulating the rules of ownership of pets and their protection from inhumane treatment! Russia, Krasnodar, stop the massacre of Dogs and Cats under a contract with the administration of Yeisk district Entrepreneur Kolosova EA! Russia, Khabarovsk, justice for this dog, thrown of the 6th floor! Criminal proceedings and the maximum penalty, ST 245 of the Criminal Code! Russia, St. Petersburg, Prosecutor, we are demanding a criminal investigation into the beating of his Dog, a gross violation of Article 245 of the Criminal Code, as well as the prohibition of having animals, for life! Spain, Sarria, criminal charges against the woman who threw puppies into the river!
Hongaria, save Sandors cottage, for him and his animals! Recall Shell's Arctic Drilling Armada Now Carnival and Royal Caribbean, Protect Whale Sharks
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