Monday, July 27, 2015

Petitions and More, July 27 Against the Grind/Faroe; Tweets to use at any time! Join please More signatures please! Confirm! Stop planned killing of 2 million Australian cats! If not signed yet: Increase NSW pound facilities, staff and resources by 50% in the peak annual breeding season! Confirm To start, open 1 of the links please, sign, or scroll down for the other petitions or go to Click on 1 of the links to start Norway, Yes to Wolves; the Wolf is critically threatened with extinction. Now we need your signature to bring about a change  Tell the AMRC to Stop Forcing Charities to Support Animal Testing Don't Let Animal Testing for Cosmetics in the EU Sneak in Through the Back Door Support Pamplona's Public Consultation on Bull Running Only UK-info. Disallow puppy farms in the UK in which beagles are bred for animal testing! Confirm please!  To highlight the need for new national frameworks for animal welfare in Australia Modify the absurd law 18,471 of responsible ownership of animals in Uruguay (now: no criminal charges for animal abuse, only administrative sanctions!) US-info. Tell the Klamath National Forest No clearcutting on steep and unstable slopes! Russia, Justice for this woman, killed while protecting Dogs from sadists! (Finally) isolate such scum and murderers from our society! Argentina, La Pampa, Ban Dog Racing! In our provincial legislation, Deputy Dario Married introduced a bill to prohibit and punish this practice! Spain, Vilalba, ensure decent living conditions for the Animals at the dog pound! Brazil, publicly recognize and support resources work Wilson Coutinho Martins in Rio de Janeiro
                  ========   News and more   ======== Desperately needed funds to help build Born Free's first European (circus)elephant sanctuary! NoToDogMeat legally owns all variations of the NoToDogMeat webdomains, including and Registered in April and June 2013


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